Demystifying Behavioural Ad Serving

You have probably noticed at some point, that you your searched for a topic that interests you, such as “Gardening Tips” absorbed various content and then later on that day or week you

have noticed that you are being served ads for Gardening products and services on completely unrelated websites. This is no coincidence – cookies have been tracking your interests and that data has been shared with ad serving companies to behaviourally target you.

Most third-party data sources still don’t know names, nor do they profit from selling any personally identifiable information. Instead, anonymous user data is brokered to a slew of third-party advertisers, ad exchanges, ad networks and market research companies who work to serve up relevant content based on the websites users visited.

I hate to break it to folks, but that’s how most content websites work. Visitors get free content, hosts deliver ads. It’s a trade-off that most of us are willing to accept. It’s also this trade-off that’s sucking any remnants of serendipity out of the Internet, because things just don’t happen by coincidence today; they happen by marketing.

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Three is an active debate designed to determine if this is a low-level invastion of privacy. As a travel consumer looking for flights, vacations, cruises or other, I would be happy to see offers on this topic as opposed to something I have no interest in purchasing. And remember, nobody is tracking your name or personal information – they are tracking your interests and behaviour to serve you better.

As a travel advertiser, there is a tremendous opportunity for you to reach a very targeted audience with pinpoint accuracy and timeliness.

The benefits don’t end there….It’s also more cost effective!! Having data to reference, you are able to pay more to show your advertisements to someone with your exact target demographics; who have previously shown an interest in your offering. Conversely, you will pay less for an audience that falls slightly outside of your ideal target and opt to avoid wasting your limited advertising dollars on an audience that will likely have no interest in your offers.

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this exciting new technology, please feel free to reply to this email with your questions.